• ・氏名、勤務先名、勤務先における所属部署・役職、勤務先の所在地、電話番号、FAX番号、電子メールアドレス、お客様の業務に関する情報など。



  • ・TKFからのご連絡や業務の案内(電子メール等によるものを含む)
  • ・ご質問に対する回答を行うための通知(電子メール等によるものを含む)
  • ・TKFが行う事業に関連した各種資料の送付
  • ・契約や法律等に基づく権利の行使や義務の履行
  • ・その他、上各項目に必要なご連絡










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Tokyo Knit Fashion Association (hereinafter referred to as TKF) has prescribed the following policy in order to take the utmost care in handling any personal information. We build managing systems and also educate our executives and employees thoroughly about the importance of the laws and the regulations to protect such information.

1.Acquisition and use of personal information

TKF shall handle personal information only within the scope required to achieve the previously specified purpose of use, and shall not use the information for any other purposes.

2.Management of personal information

In order to keep the contents of personal information accurate and up to date and also to prevent unauthorised access, leakage, tampering, loss, or damage, etc., TKF shall take the necessary and appropriate secure management measures in accordance with technological, physical and organizational efforts including maintenance of security system, improvement of management and education to all employees.

3.Contents of personal information

TKF collects personal information as follows:

  • -Name
  • -Name of company or organisation where the one belongs
  • -Status and name of department in company or organisation where the one belongs
  • -Address of working place
  • -Phone / FAX number
  • -Email address
  • -Details of business

4.Purpose of using personal information

Except the previously specified purpose of use, TKF utilises personal information obtained from customers for the following purposes:

  • -Notification of services and business offered by TKF (including means such as email)
  • -Response to answer inquiries and requests (including means such as email)
  • -Shipping of documents related to activities of TKF
  • -Implementation of legal duties and rights concerning laws or contracts
  • -Necessary service provisions for each purpose stated above

5.Disclosure and provision of information to a third party

TKF shall not disclose or provide personal customer information to any third parties unless allowed by laws and regulations or by consent of the customer. Also, we shall not sell any details of our guest lists to other companies or organisations.

6.Data sharing with a third party

TKF shall share personal information with a third party which concluded non-disclosure agreement with TKF in order to facilitate execution of activities.

7.Submission of request for disclosure, etc

TKF make efforts to properly meet request(s) from individuals such as disclosure, amendment, deletion or discontinuance of the usage of retained personal data, after confirming the individual's identity.

8.Compliance with the laws and revisions

TKF shall comply with the laws and regulations in Japan as needed. We may revise this privacy policy from time to time, in order to improve our management and safeguard system.

9.Inquiries concerning personal information

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